How to deal with the anti-corrosion of hanging bag centrifuge?

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1. Anti-corrosion treatment and safety system design of hanging bag centrifuge

1. Different materials and separation requirements require different models. After confirming the model and main parameters, according to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, the physical and chemical characteristics, cost performance and other factors are summarized, and the strength parts materials are confirmed from the basic level. From the point of view of the material itself, the targeted materials are safe.

2. Structural design

An excellent design can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment. Regarding the structural design, the design shortcomings that are easy to accelerate corrosion are the stress concentration tendency and the gap environment. Sometimes, although the metal is immersed in the solution, the corrosion rate is small; Because the chemical and electrochemical state of the internal solution has changed, it will cause severe crevice corrosion,

3. Appearance protection measures

A basic idea for controlling corrosion is to isolate the corrosive environment. In the design of hanging bag centrifuges, surface treatment methods are often used, such as flanges, galvanization, chrome plating, electroless plating, etc. These methods are useful in many environments, but there is an important phenomenon that must be noted about rotating parts : The base material and the coating are two kinds of materials, and their linear expansion coefficients are different, and different amounts of deformation will occur when the rotating member is elastically deformed, thereby forming a large number of micro-cracks; if the foregoing phenomenon exists, it will accelerate corrosion Pose.

Second, the hanging bag centrifuge is usually operated at a high speed. When the centrifugal force experienced by the rotor exceeds the tensile strength of the rotor material or the rotor material has internal defects, the rotor is likely to explode, damage the equipment, and endanger the operator. Personal safety, therefore, each rotor will have a relatively high operating speed allowed. Rotor automatic identification and overspeed protection can verify the rotor by scanning the bar code on the rotor's surface, eliminating the possibility that the operator puts incorrect data or the bag centrifuge loses control to form the rotor's overspeed operation, and the rotor information is automatically placed Into the computer and storage to monitor the life of the rotor.

3. The inductive safety system of the hanging bag centrifuge includes electronic door locks, chamber doors made of steel structure and three-layer safety protection casing, rotor automatic identification and overspeed protection, rotor dynamic imbalance detector, and centrifugal chamber over-temperature protection . Some of the hanging bag centrifuges have a self-diagnostic system, which constantly monitors the various capabilities of the hanging bag centrifuge, and directly shows the faulty parts, and issues an alarm signal to make maintenance and maintenance more convenient. The transmission part uses durable smooth bearings and forced closed It is smooth, and it will not damage the host when the power is cut off. It will automatically drive after it is restored to the power supply.