What are the requirements for the installation process of the scraper centrifuge?

Date of issue:2020-04-17 Views:424

Common domestic scraper centrifuges do not have an intermediate warehouse, relying on labyrinth seals and soft seals to complete the solid-liquid two-phase seal, the installation process requirements are as follows:

(1) It is a natural exhaust port. The equipment manufacturer has its own soda separation tank, and the exhaust pipe can meet the exhaust requirements according to the upper flange piping of the separation tank;

(2) For the forced exhaust port, although the domestic scraper centrifuge does not have the intervention of external gas, in order to achieve better operating conditions, forced exhaust should be considered.

Imported scraper centrifuges have stricter airflow direction requirements, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the aspirations of the equipment. The installation process requirements are as follows:

(1) It is a natural air outlet for receiving exhaust gas for the side of the outlet for separating mother liquor;

(2) For the forced air inlet, the scraper centrifuge is designed with an intermediate compartment, which depends on the air volume of the inlet air to seal the airflow discharged from the solid phase and the liquid phase, and plays a sealing role. During the operation of the scraper centrifuge, the negative pressure in the cavity is caused by the centrifugal effect, and the suction is equal to the suction.

The three-legged scraper centrifuge has a wide range of applicability. There are many types of scraper centrifuges, including flat-blade centrifuges, laboratory scraper centrifuges, three-legged scraper centrifuges, high-speed freezing scraper centrifuges, and large-capacity scraper centrifuges. After the machine assembly work is completed, the machine should be adjusted as necessary before operation. The adjustment of the horizontal scraper discharge scraper centrifuge mainly includes the following aspects.

1. The adjustment of the working pressure of the hydraulic pump of the scraper centrifuge. The adjustment of the working pressure is mainly completed by adjusting the relief valve. Start the oil pump and adjust the adjustment screw of the relief valve so that the pressure gauge indicates the required pressure value.

2. The final orientation adjustment of the scraper of the scraper centrifuge. The specific method of adjustment is to lock the connecting screw between the door cover and the chassis, loosen the locknut on the piston rod of the scraper cylinder, and press the piston rod down so that the piston rod touches the bottom of the cylinder. The touch pin (roller on the crank) should touch the travel switch on the door cover; at the same time, open the sight glass around the scraper device, and use soft materials such as thick cardboard to insert the scraper and the screen (or face net) in the drum ), The gap between the two should be 5 ~ 7mm, otherwise, it can be completed by adjusting the orientation of the travel switch on the door cover or adjusting the connecting thread between the scraper device and the piston rod of the scraper cylinder; together with this, In the same way, check the axial distance between the two ends of the scraper and the bottom of the drum and the baffle plate, the two intervals should be roughly flat (about 10mm, the minimum should not be less than 4mm), otherwise, the scraper blade can be adjusted to connect the knife holder To tighten the screws.

3. Adjustment of the duration of the scraper centrifuge process. During conditioning, according to different materials and corresponding process requirements, you can manually operate each program action to find the appropriate time for each action, and then adjust the relay knob in the electrical control box according to the obtained data The duration of completing each process and the total time to complete a working cycle.