The company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters and a building area of more than 10000 square meters. It has more than 200 sets of various mechanical processing equipment. It is a professional centrifuge manufacturer integrating research and development and manufacturing of separation machinery in China. The company has 120 employees, 36 professional and technical personnel, 3 senior titles and 15 intermediate titles. The company has 7 functional departments, 5 production workshops and full-time after-sales service departments. At present, the company is the director unit of China separation machinery industry association and separation machinery standard committee, and has been awarded the titles of Bengbu small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise, manufacturing technology demonstration enterprise, high-tech enterprise, etc. in 2011, the company was recognized as "Anhui private technology enterprise" by the Provincial Department of Science and technology, and was awarded as "contract abiding and credit abiding" enterprise by the industrial and commercial department for many years.




The company has been committed to the research and production of centrifuges for many years. At present, the company's production of centrifuges has formed a series of three legged centrifuges, flat type large flap centrifuges, flat type direct coupled centrifuges, flat type full turn shell direct coupled centrifuges in line with GMP Centrifuges, three-step discharge centrifuges, flat type automatic discharge centrifuges and other series of centrifuges and various drying equipment are required. The products are widely used in medicine, chemical industry, food, monosodium glutamate, environmental protection and other industries, with an annual output value of more than 60 million yuan and an annual output of more than 1000 sets.




The company takes product quality as the root of the enterprise, user satisfaction as the base, and as the quality policy of the company, our company passed the certification of iso9001:2002 standard quality management system of China Quality Certification Center in 2011. Take this as an opportunity to strengthen product quality management, establish and improve standardized product design and development procedures and processing technology, strictly control quality, and improve testing and inspection means. In particular, for key parts of key projects, full-time quality inspection personnel shall be set up to strictly check and ensure that users are the center, so that users can rest assured, meet user requirements and enhance user satisfaction.




The company adheres to the business philosophy of combining sales and service, taking pre-sales service and after-sales service as a whole, to achieve user satisfaction to a large extent.

Pre sales: the company helps customers to provide better selection scheme when purchasing centrifuges according to the customer's product nature and characteristics, as well as water content, specific gravity and other factors, so as to achieve the customer's expected production capacity and use effect.

After sales: the company promises to meet customer requirements and provide lifelong service. If the customer's requirements in the process of using the product need to be solved and serviced on site, they will arrive at the site within 24 hours in the province, and arrive at the site within 48 hours outside the province, and solve the problem with a shorter time and better service. At the same time, for customers with high degree of automation and high technical content, provide training and guidance for the operation and use of production site technical service personnel, so that customers can use it safely.




The company pays attention to personnel training and introduction, so as to improve the product performance and technology content of the enterprise. The company constantly introduces and learns the advanced technology of foreign separation machinery manufacturing companies, and works hard on the precision, sharpness and user's use effect of the products. Looking forward to the future, Bengbu precision Pharmaceutical Machinery Co, Ltd. will, with a new attitude, broad mind, excellent products, and domestic Foreign friends together, create brilliant.