The role of plate centrifuge in edible fungi

Date of issue:2020-04-26 Views:341

As a kind of nutritious and delicious food, edible fungus is popular among consumers in the market. Due to the huge market demand, there are more companies specializing in the production of edible fungi. For these edible fungus companies, our flat plate centrifuge can bring them a greater role. The following small series will introduce the application of the flat plate centrifuge in the production of edible fungi.

The main role of the flat plate centrifuge in the production of edible fungi is to spin and separate the materials it produces. I believe everyone knows that wood chips, corncobs, cottonseed hulls, and wheat straw are essential materials for the production of edible fungi. Because these materials are block-shaped before being processed, in order to meet production needs, users often destroy and clean them. After destruction and cleaning, due to the high moisture content and severe agglomeration, users generally need to air dry and disperse it. At this time, our flat plate centrifuge flashed its role.

The only reason is to use a flat plate centrifuge to spin-dry these materials, mainly because it can not only effectively control the corresponding moisture content, but also has high production efficiency and can meet the needs of mass production. Let me talk about the water control of the flat plate centrifuge. The user only needs to adjust the length of the corresponding dehydration time according to his own needs, and the purpose of controlling the moisture content can be achieved. If you want a higher water content, you will get less, and if you want a lower water content, you will get more.

It is said that the high efficiency of the flat plate centrifuge for drying edible fungus material is because the maximum standard of the single cylinder of the flat plate centrifuge is 300 kg. It can process hundreds of kilograms of material in just a few minutes, and due to the large door, it is easier for us to load. The plan of the inner cylinder with flat bottom can be taken out, which also allows us to easily pour out the dried material, achieving the purpose of mass production.

So in this way, the flat plate centrifuge can indeed play a larger role in the production of edible fungi. So if you are still worried about the spin-drying and separation of edible fungus materials, then you may wish to contact our company. You must help.