Inspection and adjustment of fully automatic centrifuge

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Inspection and adjustment of three-foot scraper automatic centrifuge

Preparations before starting:

a. Check whether the connection between the electrical parts is complete and correct;

b. Check whether the external power supply is now connected;

Three-foot scraper automatic centrifuge speed adjustment

Different materials should be tested to select the appropriate speed of the centrifuge. The machine uses a frequency converter to adjust the speed. The machine is steplessly adjusted between 0 and 970r / min. It is advocated that under the condition of satisfactory technology, the lower speed is used as much as possible to reduce the wear of the scraper, bearing and other mechanical parts and reduce the vibration of the machine.

Note: This machine should not be operated under a condition of higher than 970r / min to prevent strong damage.

Debugging and application of three-foot scraper automatic centrifuge

Before starting, it is necessary to ensure that there are no foreign objects in the drum, the drum changes sensitively, and there is no sign of being stuck. And check whether the tightening bolts, screws and nuts are tightened.

Selection of filter cloth (filter): The raw materials and standards of the filter cloth (filter) should be different according to the type of the media to be separated. From the experiment, the steel wire is used to secure the metal filter, nylon, nylon, canvas For filter cloths such as this, press 8.2.5. Prevent the use of wrinkled or damaged filter cloths. Even metal meshes cannot use wrinkled or broken filter cloths. The filter cloth (filter screen) is laid flat, and the height must not exceed 1.5mm.

When connecting the power cord, make sure that the rotating direction of the drum must be the same as the indicated direction.

Check whether the amount of oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic station reaches the normal direction indicated by the oil mark, if not, it needs to be increased.

Start the oil pump motor of the hydraulic station, adjust the relief valve to make the pressure between 1 ~ 1.2Mpa, check whether the oil circuit system is normal, and check for oil leakage. Then adjust the one-way throttle valve of the reversing and lifting hydraulic cylinder to control the speed of the reversing and lifting of the scraper.

Note: Usually the speed depends on the characteristics of the material. For materials that are usually harder and harder to dehydrate, the scraper moves up and down. The speed of reverse rotation should be controlled slower to prevent the motor from burning and burning; otherwise, the scraper can be raised and lowered; After all, the principle is that the motor is not blocked.