Reasons why some flat plate centrifuges cannot work normally

Date of issue:2020-04-14 Views:323

During the test operation, there are always many unexpected and unexpected events, and then the machine cannot work normally. Next, let's analyze the reason why the centrifuge cannot work normally.

1. The uniformity of the raw material slurry is poor, which constitutes a blocking of the feeding tube and an uneven feeding of the gap, which causes oscillation.

2. The rotating speed of the drum is too high when feeding, and there is no opportunity for the material to be scattered again, resulting in uneven oscillation.

3. The dehydration of the filter is uneven, and the mother liquid on the filter is unevenly distributed, resulting in oscillation

4. The vibration damping capacity of the boom is poor. Once there is oscillation, the vicious circle will cause greater damage.

5. The lack of rigidity of the base causes the oscillation to increase.

6. The main power switch (leakage circuit breaker) on the equipment is tripped or damaged.

7. The filter cloth is not tensioned, and the filter cloth drive machine is idling, and the filter cloth cannot be moved.

8. The pressure of the actuated air compressor does not reach the set value (usually about 3kg / cm2), or the pressure setting switch is damaged.

9. The air pressure relief valve is not open (located at the front end of the three-point combination blue pull ring).

10. The electrical control thermal relay of the filter cloth drive is tripped or damaged

11. Abnormal violation of filter cloth constitutes contact with safety restraint switch and alarm sounds.

12. The fuse burned. Check (send) repair or replace new products in response to countermeasures. Replace the tension spring. Turn on the machine after the air compressor pressure reaches the set value. Manually pull the pressure relief valve upwards to complete the opening action. After the pipeline is connected, the pressure gauge will show the pressure value. After reaching the pressure setting value, you can open the work. Check (send) repair or replace new products. The maintenance found the cause of the problem and removed the problem. Replace new products.