How to distinguish between decanter centrifuge and filter centrifuge?

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The sedimentation is that the centrifuge drum is installed on the upper end of the vertical shaft, and driven by the motor through the transmission device to rotate at high speed. Inside the drum there is a set of disc-shaped parts nested together. There is a small gap between the discs. The suspension is fed into the drum by a feed tube located in the center of the drum. When the suspension passes through the gap between the discs, the solid particles settle to the discs under the action of the centrifuge to form a sediment.

The sludge slides along the surface of the disc to separate from the disc and accumulates in the part with the largest inner diameter of the drum, and the separated liquid is discharged from the drum through the liquid outlet. The role of the disc is to shorten the settling interval of the solid particles and expand the settling area of the drum. Because the disc is installed in the drum, the production capacity of the separator is greatly improved. The solids accumulated in the drum are dismantled after the separator is shut down and removed manually, or discharged through the slag discharge machine without stopping.

Settling centrifuges have the following differences from filter centrifuges:

1. The drum of the decanter centrifuge is in the shape of a closed barrel. The working principle of the device is to achieve solid-liquid two-phase separation through centrifugal force. The centrifuge of this method is generally called the decanter centrifuge. The sedimentation centrifuge is suitable for a wide range of materials. For example, if the viscosity of the material is large and the solid phase particles are small, the requirement of solid-liquid two-phase separation can be achieved by increasing the centrifugal force.

2. The centrifuge of the rotary drum of the filter centrifuge equipment, the additional filter medium is used to achieve solid-liquid two-phase separation through the blocking method. Deformation (such as crystal) solid phase particles are large and small batch production conditions are mostly used for industrial dehydration.

The sedimentation centrifuge can complete two operations: liquid-solid separation, called clarification operation; liquid-liquid separation, called separation operation. Disc separators are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, biological engineering, and transportation sectors due to their compact structure, small footprint, and large production capacity.