Precautions and usage of fully automatic centrifuge

Date of issue:2020-04-17 Views:356

Abstract: Fully automatic centrifuges are widely used in the fields of biochemistry, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. It is a filter centrifuge with intermittent operation of automatic scraper lower discharge. The automatic centrifuge has good separation and washing effect under the action of centrifugal force, strong adaptability to materials, and is suitable for separating suspension containing solid particles ≥0.01mm.

1. How to use the fully automatic centrifuge

Before use, first check whether the mechanical parts are intact.

Place the level gauge washings evenly in the inner drum.

Start the motor to gradually increase the speed of the inner rotating cage. According to the type of fabric, it can be dried in 5-10 minutes.

Press the "Stop" button to power off the motor. After a natural deceleration for a period of time, the dehydrator operates the brake lever to perform intermittent braking operations to stop the inner rotating cage.

After the machine stops, the fabric can be taken out.

2. Precautions for the use of automatic centrifuge

The fabrics with different water absorption strength should be dehydrated separately.

The newly installed dehydrator or newly connected electric wire must ensure that the motor rotates in the correct direction.

When the fabric is severely uneven due to severe unevenness, the power switch should be turned off immediately, and the fabric should be evenly placed before dewatering.

Do not overload the amount of fabric placed. Especially when you take off other non-clothing items, please pay special attention.

When the machine is in operation, do not reach into the inner cage area of the dehydrator.