1.1 Coal sector

As we all know, the most difficult thing to avoid in the production process of coal is the generation of contaminated waste such as tar and powder residue, but such waste can also be turned into treasure. For example, exhaust gas can be used as a desulfurization Raw fuel for steel making. Moreover, after washing with ammonia, the exhaust gas tar and powder residue in the coke oven can be recycled, which is the most effective use of the centrifuge in the field of coal treatment. Because China is a country with relatively small energy reserves, but the relatively abundant is coal resources, so the development and transformation of coal resources has become a trend. Innovative development of methanol and coal has become a new major demand in the chemical industry.

1.2 Oil field

In the petroleum industry, there has always been a deep-rooted big problem that hinders the development of this industry, and that is the trouble of solid-liquid separation. For example, drilling mud and oil bottom sludge in oil refineries are difficult to handle. It is well known that the waste water and waste oil remaining in the oil production process will be indispensably doped with crude oil that can be recycled and contain value. If the traditional filtration method is used alone to deal with this problem, the service life of the filtration machine is very short. Because the filter will be blocked by heavy crude oil during the filtration process, which will make the operation and repair costs too high, and the replacement of the filter cloth takes too long, and it cannot ensure the long-term use of the filtration equipment. At this time, if you use a centrifuge to process crude oil, take advantage of the characteristics of the centrifuge structure, and use it in combination with other supporting facilities, you can easily achieve the original separation and filtration treatment, and in this process can achieve no Harms the purpose of high efficiency. Therefore, the centrifuge can be quickly put into use and production in the oil field, creating huge commercial value and ecological value.

1.3 Non-metallic mines and steel

The centrifuge can also be widely used in the field of non-metallic minerals, such as the separation of titanium dioxide. After a rigorous scientific experiment, the centrifuge can be used not only for the separation of titanium dioxide with a concentration of about 10%, but also for the separation of titanium dioxide with a high concentration of about 25%. Based on the function of the centrifuge, it has It is widely used in the production of chemical fiber industry.