Characteristics and structure of clean centrifuge

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The clean centrifuge is specially designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the national pharmaceutical and food production GMP regulations, the US FDA and the EU COS and other standards. Food industry, and solid-liquid separation of products with clean requirements.

1. The main features are as follows:

◎ Structural design is reasonable, which effectively eliminates the sanitary dead corners. The structural parts are smooth and transitional. Equipped with a special motor. The motor is equipped with a liquid leakage prevention device. There is no transmission triangle belt. The exterior is polished. The external structural parts, fasteners and rotation The drums are made of stainless steel. The shell is flip-top type, which can thoroughly clean the centrifuge shell and the drum interlayer space.

◎ The cover of the shell is provided with a feeding tube, a scrubbing tube, an observation mirror and an illumination hole.

◎ Equipped with an online cleaning system (spray system) to clean the invisible parts inside the centrifuge, such as the inner wall of the centrifuge shell, the inner and outer surfaces of the drum, and the surface of the sump, to ensure the cleanliness requirements and comply with GMP standards.

◎ Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

◎ Strong versatility and wide application range. It can be used not only for the separation of solid suspension in granular form, but also for the separation of fibrous materials.

◎ The inverter starts, the energy consumption is braked, and the separation factor is adjustable; the body is sealed, and the seals are made of silicon rubber, fluorine rubber or tetrafluoroethylene. It can meet the requirements of closed explosion-proof, suitable for applications in toxic, flammable and explosive occasions.

◎ Nitrogen protection system can be equipped to ensure that the inner cavity of the centrifuge is blocked from outside air.

◎ Crystal particles are not easily broken.

2. Structure production method

◎ Structure: The shell is equipped with a flip cover and feed tube, scrubbing tube, observation mirror, exhaust port, lighting hole; closed structure, the drum, shell, flip cover and other components are made of stainless steel (SUS304).

◎ All fasteners are made of stainless steel.

◎ Transmission and braking: general motor (or explosion-proof motor) + energy consumption braking.

◎ Cleaning and spraying system.

◎ Nitrogen protection system.

◎ The material of external structural parts (base etc.) is stainless steel.

◎ Select the corresponding stainless steel materials according to the anticorrosion requirements of the materials separated by users.

◎ Without foundation method (without foundation chassis and vibration damping pad).

◎ Transmission and braking: explosion-proof motor (or general motor) + frequency converter + energy consumption braking.