What is a manual scraper centrifuge?

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Manual scraper centrifuge is a semi-automatic centrifuge that discharges by manual operation of rotating scraper equipment. It is divided into three-legged type and flat plate type. This machine is an efficient solid-liquid separator equipment. The solid-liquid mixture passes through The feed tube at the top leads into the rotating drum of the machine. The high-speed rotation of the drum generates a huge centrifugal force. The liquid passes through the inlet filter attached to the inside of the drum and flows out from the bottom of the centrifuge. After the separation is complete, you need to slowly rotate the scraper device on the top side of the body by hand, so that the internal scraper blade slowly moves from the center to the drum wall. The filter cake is scraped off and falls freely from the gap at the bottom of the drum , And then lower the scraper slowly to scrape the material in the drum clean. After stopping, the scraper must be reset to prevent the scraper from breaking during the next operation and damaging the machine.

The manual scraper centrifuge is different from the automatic centrifuge, and its cost is low, but because the convenience of operation is not as good as that of the automatic centrifuge, it is recommended to choose the automatic centrifuge when buying.

The main components of the scraper centrifuge are: 1. Triangle ring 2. Foot 3. Chassis 4. Bearing seat 5. Boom 6. Tension spring 7. Drum 8. Shell 9. Shell cover 10. Main shaft 11. Combined oil ( Air) Cylinder 12. Scraper 13. Bearing 14. Motor 15. V-belt 16. Outlet pipe 17. Sight glass 18. Cleaning pipe 19. Inlet 20. Feeding pipe 21. Capping device 22. Lighting lamp.

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