PAUT Series Fully Automatic Overhanging Scraper Lower Discharge Centrifuge

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Standard manufacturing form

1. Structure: the casing is equipped with feed pipe, washing pipe, observation mirror, exhaust port, manhole, lighting hole; closed structure, the drum and casing, clamshell and other parts are made of stainless steel, the base is made of carbon steel The surface is lined with stainless steel.

2. The drum, the inner and outer surfaces of the casing, and the surface of the exposed parts of the machine are all polished.

3. All fasteners are stainless steel.

4. Using PLC program control.

5. Transmission and braking: hydraulic motor + frequency converter + energy consumption braking.

6. Pneumatic (hydraulic) action system

7. PAUT adopts flat structure and liquid damping.


1. It adopts PLC control, program setting, unattended automatic operation, feeding, preliminary filtration, washing, fine filtration, and unloading monitoring throughout the process.

2. Frequency conversion speed regulation, stable start, adjustable separation factor.

3. The motor adopts the upper direct connection type to avoid the friction dust brought by the belt transmission.

4. Large capacity and high output improve production efficiency.

5. Energy consumption braking, non-contact braking method, no friction dust pollution.

6. Fully enclosed structure, the seals are made of silicon rubber or fluororubber, and the inner chamber of the centrifuge is protected by nitrogen, which can achieve the requirements of closed explosion-proof. '

7. The structure design is reasonable, and the online cleaning system (spray system) can be selected to ensure the cleanliness requirements and comply with GMP regulations.

8. Pneumatic (hydraulic) action system can be used for sanitation.

9. Mechanical material level detector.

10. Optional gas-assisted scraper, no residual filter cake in the drum after discharging.

11. Safety protection: speed detection, over-vibration protection. Open cover protection, motor overload and overheat protection, dual control of scraper rotation and lifting machinery electrical, and linkage lock of scraper drum.

Optional device

Nitrogen protection system, mechanical material level detector, PLC program control, hydraulic control system, gas-assisted scraper, no foundation form (with vibration isolation chassis + shock absorber), the corresponding stainless steel material is used according to the anticorrosion requirements of the material separated by the user , Lining, etc. (SUS304, 32, 316L, 904L, duplex stainless steel, titanium, etc.).


Technical Parameters

Item Model PAUT1250NA PAUT1250NB PAUT1320N PAUT1500N PAUT1600N
Drum diameter (mm) 1250 1250 1320 1500 1600
Drum volume (L) 350 450 490 580 900
Maximum loading capacity (kg) 520 650 660 720 1200
Drum speed (r / min) 970 970 900 850 750
Separation factor (Fr) 658 658 598 605 504
Motor power (kw) 22 30 30 37 45
Machine weight (kg) 4500 5000 5500 8500 10000
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 2000×2000