What role does the three-legged centrifuge play in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry?

Date of issue:2020-03-05 Views:171

1. Improvement of the structure of the three-legged centrifuge: strengthen the cleaning and sanitation, reduce the workload of cleaning and sanitation, improve the structural design, the main contact surface parts, fasteners, structural parts and drums are made of stainless steel, and the structural parts are smooth and smooth The surface is polished, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean; the outer cover is designed with a clamshell design. The design is more reasonable. The centrifuge shell and the drum interlayer space are easy to open. There is no dead space, and it is easy to clean and operate.

2. Improve the design of the inlet and outlet pipes, and the three-legged centrifuge is more smooth. Add small accessories such as lighting hole observation mirror scrubbing tube, etc. You can try to pay attention to the working condition of the separator during operation, and the controllability is better;

3. Equipped with online cleaning equipment, which reduces the difficulty of mechanical cleaning of the three-legged centrifuge, effectively ensures the cleanliness requirements, and meets the standards of the pharmaceutical industry;

4. Promote the advantages of wide application and strong versatility, improve the strength of the three-legged centrifuge parts, improve the separation performance, make the three-legged centrifuge have a higher speed, and the separation can be more powerful, so that the three-legged centrifuge has a solid phase Suspension and dimensional materials are separated to be stronger;

5. Improve the working state of the starting, use the operation setting of the soft start of the inverter, the start is smooth, the operation of the three-legged centrifuge is more convenient, the separation factor is adjustable, the scale is larger, and the separation habit is stronger;

6. The ubiquitous equipment of the energy consumption braking system on the three-legged centrifuge. The non-contact energy consumption braking system is fire-proof and anti-static. It is more suitable for use in sexually toxic and flammable and explosive occasions. It is equipped with nitrogen maintenance The system ensures that the interior of the centrifuge is isolated from outside air. Complete the sealed explosion-proof requirements;

7. The installation and use of more modern measurement and control technologies make the parameter adjustment range of the three-legged centrifuge stronger, and the separation parameter adjustment scale is larger, and the crystal separation shows that the crystal grains are not easy to break. More suitable for the needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The above is the habitual change made by the three-legged centrifuge for the needs of the habitual pharmaceutical and chemical industry. After analysis, a positive conclusion can be drawn. The centrifuge separation equipment actively uses new technologies and new achievements to improve itself. Improving, absorbing technology, improving achievements and improving itself are the development path of centrifuge separator industry.